Ideas For A Cozy Porch Enclosure

by Diane Barnes

Are you like a number of other people who are not taking full advantage of having a porch? Perhaps you do not like sitting outside on your porch due to your dislike for bugs or the discomfort of outdoor weather. If this sounds like some of your reasoning, you could  benefit from considering a porch enclosure remodeling project. Read on to discover some screen porch enclosure upgrades that can make your porch more appealing for relaxation or entertaining guests.


Your porch likely contains a standard porch light. Since you will be using the area more after it is enclosed, you should consider adding additional lights. Some entertainment may call for less lighting. You can plan ahead for this by choosing to install a dimming light switch. Otherwise you will be faced with two options: plenty of light or blackout darkness. 

You could also add decorative lighting. This can be as simple as a string of lights. These look great to people passing by, and they add ambiance when you are entertaining guests.

Temperature Control

Despite enclosing your porch, the air from outside will still penetrate through if you opt for a screened enclosure. You can make the area more comfortable by installing ceiling fans to circulate air. The fans can aid in making the air less humid in the summer. You can use portable heating sources if you use the area during the colder months, and use the ceiling fans to circulate the warm air.

Furniture And Other Items

This comes down to being a personal choice. Most lawn and patio furniture will work for porch enclosures. If you are looking to make the area appear more "homey," consider placing rocking chairs in the area. Keep spare chairs in storage for guests. A minimum of one small table will ensure that you have something to place items on. 

Plants will make your enclosure appear more lively. Even if you do not have a "green thumb," there are a number of artificial plants that closely resemble real plants. These can do the trick especially if you place them in plant hangers and keep them dusted.

Final Thoughts

Before you run out to the hardware store and attempt to embark on a do-it-yourself porch enclosure project, remember that enclosing your porch is about more than installing a few screens to enclose the area. If you dislike bugs, you will quickly find that although you may seal off the sides of the porch, bugs can still enter through the floorboards. 

The average person may also run into obstacles ensuring that the enclosure is correctly sealed around railings, which could mean that rain enters during inclement weather. This is why it makes sense to use a remodeling contractor as a resource for your porch enclosure project. For more information, contact a company such as Lexington Tent & Awning.