3 Building Supplies You Can Use To Create Yard Art

by Diane Barnes

If you're looking for a way to add creative decorations to your yard, you'll find that the left over building supplies from your last project can be used to create great works of art you can proudly display. Make yard art with the three types of building supplies listed below:


Wood is great when it comes to creating yard art. It can be used to make many different interesting creations. One great way to go about using left over wood, such as 2x4 boards, for your yard is to use it to border off an area for a garden. By using the leftover supplies you will be able to save yourself a good amount of money.

You want to measure out the area where the garden will be and dig down into the ground enough to hold the wood in place. Put the wood in the hole, and put the dirt back, packing it firmly in place. The wood will create a nice separation between your soil and the surrounding dirt. It also provides your yard with a nice, detailed look.


There are a lot of different ways you can use leftover concrete to spruce up your yard. One thing you can do is use it to make stepping stones. You want to mix the concrete and pour it into a stepping stone mold or cake pan. Once the concrete dries, you can remove the stepping stone from the mold and place it where you want in your yard. You do want to give the concrete a few days to make sure it's totally set before you allow anyone to step on the stepping stones.


Paint can be a lot of fun to use around your yard. If you have any leftover paint then you can use it to refurnish your yard furniture, paint your birdbath, or create a masterpiece on your fence. You can mix a lot of different colors together to create a splashing, messy, and exciting effect on your fence. You can also paint rocks around your yard to add some brilliant coloring that capture a person's attention and makes great conversation pieces.

You want to try looking at left over building supplies differently, like from N.Z. Cramer & Son Inc | Building Supplies. Instead of wondering how you're going to get rid of them or where you're going to store them, start thinking about how you can use them to make your yard look better.