AC Tips: 3 Ways To Find Out If You Have A Bad Compressor

by Diane Barnes

An air conditioner is just like any other appliance with moving parts: it may fail at some point. One of the components that could fail in your air conditioning system is the compressor. The following are a couple of detectable signs that will let you know if your compressor may be in need of repair.

1. You Feel Hot Air Coming From Your AC

One sign that you can feel is your AC is only able to blow hot air. The compressor is mainly responsible for pushing the refrigerant through so that it can cool your home. As you can imagine, your home will not cool normally if your compressor is failing. When this occurs, you may notice that you have to set your AC lower than usual to achieve your ideal cool temperature. 

2. A Higher Than Normal Electricity Bill

You should check your electricity bill because a faulty compressor will use up a lot of energy. You may even notice that your circuit breaks when you turn on your air conditioner or while the AC is on. 

3. Odd Noises Coming From Your AC

Noises, clunks, bangs, and any other odd sounds coming from your AC are a bad sign. Usually, you may notice these noises when you turn on your air conditioning system. The compressor may be close to breaking when you hear strange sounds or strong vibrations from your air conditioning unit. 

You can also conduct a simple test at home. You will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Set your temperature as low as you can. 
  2. Check the outside of your unit, and listen to see if it sounds different from usual. 
  3. When your compressor is not working, all you may hear is just the fan. 

You can tell your air conditioner specialist about what you discovered so that he or she can help you deal with your AC. Do not attempt to service your AC yourself. Fixing the compressor may require taking the unit apart or servicing the capacitor. Both of the aforementioned are very sensitive and are best handled by a professional. Dealing with a compressor will also involve a thorough diagnostics, so make sure that the professional you hire promises that. 

As you can see, you can check if you have a compressor problem before you call an air conditioning repair specialist. Remember that you can avoid costly issues with your air conditioner by simply having your AC system checked regularly.