High-End Bathroom Remodels That May Help You Sell Your Home

by Diane Barnes

There are many high-end upgrades that you can make that may make your bathroom a compelling selling-point of your home. These are excellent, contemporary options that provide convenience, class, and sophistication, while many are also affordable options for homeowners. Talk to contractors and retailers about bathroom options that will elevate your toilet and tub into an extraordinary and beautiful bathroom.

Some things to consider when remodeling the bathroom include:

Shower enclosures

There are some modern, sleek shower enclosures found when shopping for bathroom fixtures and amenities. Frame-less shower enclosures may make the space seem bigger, and glass doors are offered with etching, tinting, and stained inserts. Consider adding some additional safety features, such as molded seating, grab bars, and textured shower floors to provide security to those using them.


Cabinetry in the bathroom is an important aspect that also contributes to the amount of storage that you will subsequently have in the space. Custom cabinets are a bit more pricey, but they give the room a rich, high-end appearance. When planning the remodeling budget, plan on spending around half on custom wood cabinets, unless you are buying standard cabinets from home improvement retail venues.


There is the potential of moisture on the floor of a bathroom so it is critical to look for slip-proof materials when installing flooring for safety reasons. A textured vinyl or laminate floor is an economical option, but stone is always coveted by those viewing potential properties to purchase. If you really want to impress prospective buyers, consider installing heated floors.


The vanity of your bathroom is a key feature that buyers pay attention to when viewing properties for sale. Dual-basin sinks are a highly-lauded element, as are stone and marble counters. If slab stone is too extravagant, consider using stone tiles for a rich and sophisticated bathroom vanity.


A well-lit bathroom is essential and contributes to the overall safety of your home. In addition to recessed lighting and sky-lights, it is important to install adequate task lighting for things like shaving, applying make-up, or any other needs of those living in the dwelling. Since there is plumbing in this space of the home, it is integral to have the lighting installed professionally to ensure that lighting fixtures do not pose any safety risks.

Bathrooms are something that home-buyers pay attention to, and these spaces may make or break a sale. While the benchmark may lean toward having multiple bathrooms in the home, the quality and look of the space can leave a big impression on those contemplating the purchase of your home.