Winterizing Tips For Your Garage

by Diane Barnes

When winter is coming, is your garage door ready? In many homes, the garage door is the main entry into the home. This means daily use, along with the attendant wear and tear, is common. You don't want to be troubleshooting a broken door on a freezing January morning, so make sure all is well during the mild days of fall.

Stay on Track

Whether you have a manual or automatic opener, the simplest but most effective way to avoid winter problems is to take care of your door tracks. Dead leaves, dirt, and grime build up in the tracks, causing the door to stick, move jerkily, or otherwise malfunction. You can brush out most debris with a broom, and then wipe out the track with a damp cloth.

Once clean, lubricate every moving part on the garage door, using a lubricant made specifically for garage doors. These lubricants don't gum up in cold weather, so movement stays smooth. Rollers, springs, and hinges all require lubrication to move smoothly.

Block Out the Cold

Garages that are connected to the home can affect your energy bill. First, make sure the weatherstripping on the house access door and exterior garage access door is in good shape. Then, check the seal along the bottom of the overhead garage door and replace it if it is broken, missing, or otherwise damaged.

You may also want to replace the overhead garage door with an insulated model, to help save on energy costs. Also, make sure the house access door is closed before opening the overhead door and letting in the whoosh of cold winter air.

Service Your Opener

If you have an automatic opener, make sure it is winter ready. Change out the batteries in the remotes and don't leave them in the car – cold temperatures can drain batteries quickly. Inspect the opener drive and make sure it is moving smoothly with no hitches or catches. If the door is opening slowly or the opener is making an out of the ordinary noise, schedule a full professional inspection to make sure the motor isn't going out or in need of repair. Finally, check that the manual override is working properly. Power outages can be common in winter, so you don't want your car stuck in the garage.

A few simple preventative maintenance steps can go a long way toward avoiding cold weather garage door problems. For more help, contact a company like American Eagle Garage Door Services.