2 Reasons To Replace Your Furnace

by Diane Barnes

Your furnace is one of the most important parts of your home, mostly because it is responsible for many of the comforts that you enjoy while in your home. Choosing to replace your furnace is a very big decision, but you will want to do so in order to ensure that your home is energy efficient and has good indoor air quality.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to consider replacing your furnace is to ensure that you are not using more energy than necessary to heat your home. When a furnace gets older, it will start to become less energy efficient. This will become evident when your heater begins to stay on longer to warm your home, or if the air that exits your vents isn't very warm. 

This can be a big problem, because not only will your home end up not being as comfortable in the winter, but your utility bills will also increase.

You will also want to consider replacing your furnace for a new one because newer furnaces have technology advances that will allow them to use less gas. While furnaces are typically meant to last between 10 and 20 years, you may not want to wait that long to replace yours, as you could be missing out on substantial utility savings provided by new energy efficient furnaces in the meantime.

Indoor Air Quality

Finally, you will want to consider replacing your furnace in order to keep the quality of the air within your home as nice as possible. When a furnace gets older, it may no longer be able to efficiently filter out dust, allergens, and other particles. This is a big problem for anyone in your home that suffers from respiratory issues as the particles and dust in the air can cause his or her condition to worsen.

In addition, poor indoor air quality can lead to you and your family becoming sick more often, or experiencing frequent allergic reactions. Thankfully, you can avoid these issues by replacing your aging furnace with a new one that has a more effective and efficient filtration system.

Speak to a professional furnace or HVAC contractor, like Salem Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc., in order to discuss which furnace options would work best for your home and budget. A new energy efficient furnace can help lower your utility bill, while also improving your home's indoor air quality.