A Few Tips For Keeping Your Heating System Running Like It Was Just Installed

by Diane Barnes

Just because you recently had a new heating system installed does not mean you can sit back and forget about it. If you want to keep the system running as efficiently as possible, don't neglect regular maintenance. In addition, there are some upgrades or additions you should consider to reduce the amount of time your system is running. This keeps your system from working too hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Change Filters

All the filters in the HVAC system need to be changed every 30 to 60 days. If you have reusable filters, be sure to clean them every two to four months. Dirty filters prevent adequate air flow to the system, causing the heater to run more frequently. As the system tries to suck air in through the clogged filters, some of the dirt and dust ends up in the unit. This can cause the unit to malfunction, quit working, or it may even be the cause of a fire.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

Anything that keeps your system from constantly running will preserve its efficiency and increase its lifespan. Once programmed for your lifestyle and activities, your unit will run only when needed to keep you and your family comfortable. If no one is going to be home, or you are in bed, under warm covers, the system will automatically set to a lower temperature. This not only preserves the unit, but keeps your heating bill lower too.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not only good for helping keep the house cool in the warm months. By changing the direction of the fans, with a switch found on the motor housing, the air will be pulled up and pushed throughout the room. Hot air rises, however, with a ceiling fan pulling more air up to the ceiling, it forces the hot air at the top of the room out and down the walls to be pulled back up again. You will not have pockets of warm air stuck above everyone's head, not doing anything to help keep them warm. You will be able to have the thermostat set to a lower temperature, minimizing the amount of time your heating system has to run.

The less your heating system has to work, the better. You should not have to sacrifice your family's comfort to maintain the efficiency of the heating installation system. As long as you keep the filters clean and have the unit serviced according to the manufacturer's specifications, the system will run as if it is new for a long time. Adding a few features to your home to help keep the house at a comfortable temperature will add to the life of the system while maintaining a high efficiency level.