2 Reasons To Utilize Radiant Heat

by Diane Barnes

Radiant heating is a fantastic way to make your home more comfortable in the winter, especially because it can provide you with quite a few benefits versus traditional heating methods. A radiant heating system typically requires that electrical panels or pads are installed underneath your floors or behind your walls, which cause those surfaces to heat up. You should utilize radiant heat if you want a healthier home and lower utility costs.

Healthier Home

A big advantage that a radiant heating system has over its competition is that it is actually much better for your family's health. The reason for this is that a radiant heating system will not contribute any debris or allergens to the air within your home. 

Since no debris or allergens will be spread throughout your home by your heating system because a radiant system does not use air, people within your home will be less likely to suffer from allergic reactions or respiratory issues. In addition, the lack of those particles in the air will also make your home smell better as dust and other particles can make your home smell musty or downright foul.

A radiant heating system will also not use a duct system in any way. This is important because duct systems need to be cleaned regularly in order to remove any debris or dust that can be spread into the air throughout your home when a forced-air heating system is turned on. 

Lower Utility Bills

A radiant heating system is one of the best heating options available if you want to cut down on your heating expenses. This is because a radiant heating system can be installed in a way that allows you to heat certain areas of your home and ignore the rest.

By creating heating zones, you can set your system up in a way that heats every bedroom at night when people are trying to sleep, while allowing the living room, kitchen, and the rest of the house to remain unheated. This prevents energy waste and lowers your utility bills by ensuring that only rooms that are likely to be used at certain times of the day or night will be heated by the system. 

Speak to a heating contractor, such as those at Norris Mechanical, today to discuss your various heating options. Radiant heating is a fantastic way to lower your heating costs and make your home healthier for both you and your family.