3 Types Of Materials You Can Recycle After Renovations

by Diane Barnes

When you work on renovations in your home, you will most likely end up with a variety of materials you tore down. This could be anything from drywall and concrete, to carpeting and other flooring materials. Many of these items can be recycled, which helps the environment and keeps you from taking up space in your trash can or dumpster. Here are three materials that can be recycled.


If your home renovation project includes breaking up concrete, such as a concrete driveway, pathway on the side of your house, or a concrete patio, those scraps should be saved and recycled. Don't just toss the concrete pieces into your dumpster and have it hauled away. These scraps can be reused for many things. Concrete can be broken down and made into aggregate materials that is then used by other homeowners who want to build a deck, patio, or steps out of the concrete. It can also be recycled and used for highways or roads. If you pulled up large chunks, those can be cut and made into stepping stones.

Carpeting and Padding

Many homeowners will recycle tile and hardwood flooring, but then they throw away carpeting they pull up. This is a big mistake. You don't need to throw away your carpet and cause it to take up space in landfills. Believe it or not, many recycling centers are more than willing to take your carpeting. A lot of these carpets have fibers that can be recycled and re-used for other items. You should also bring the padding that was underneath the carpeting, since that can be recycled as well. You may also have the carpeting picked up by a company that will use the scraps to make rugs or other items. The exception is if the carpeting or padding had mold; it will need to be disposed of in this case.


Many renovations also leave you with a good amount of wood in the end. Wood is recyclable and should never be placed in a dumpster. You might even be able to use it at home instead of sending it to a recycling center. Consider the ways you can use the wood scraps at home, such as by building a raised garden bed in your backyard for herbs, or by saving it for firewood. You might also have friends or neighbors that can get good use out of it. If not, call recycling centers or your local lumber company to see if they want it. If any of the wood is rotted, you should place it in your dumpster for collection as this should not be recycled.

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