Tips For Brightening Up Your Kitchen

by Diane Barnes

The kitchen should be a warm and cheerful space, right? Perhaps your kitchen has been feeling a little dull lately, though. If you're planning a kitchen remodel to add space or storage, consider also updating some surfaces in your kitchen. Updating items such as the cabinets or countertops can brighten your kitchen right up.

Paint the Cabinets

One of the quickest fixes for a bland kitchen is to paint the cabinets. The first step is to choose a cohesive color palette for the kitchen as a whole. From there, choose the brightest color, and use this for the cabinets. Consider options such as buttery yellow or warm peach. Use a light color such as eggshell or pure white for accenting.

Incorporate Glass Tile

While staying within your color scheme, look to the backsplash next. Almost endless options exist for colorful ceramic tile backsplashes. However, another option is using glass tile. As Home and Garden TV points out, glass tile reflects light. This gives your backsplash an iridescent look. Use glass tile as accenting throughout your tile work, or have a single area such as the range highlighted by all-glass tile.

Open up the Doors

While you're thinking glass, consider another update to your cabinets. Replace some of the wooden doors with glass ones. Not only do the glass panes refract the light in the same way the tiles do, but the transparency creates visual space in your kitchen. To choose which doors to replace, stand back and get a view of where you have a large presentation of cabinetry. Pick at least two doors evenly spaced apart to replace with glass panes.

Build a Bump Out

Another option for incorporating more glass into your kitchen is building a bay window bump out. Bump outs are a relatively easy method for adding space to your kitchen. The windows also open it right up to the natural light. A bay window bump out is an ideal spot for a breakfast nook. When considering window treatments, either opt for bright café curtains or transparent panels to keep the sun brightening your space.

Change the Countertops

Getting back to adding color, your countertops represent another large area. Glossy granite is a definite upgrade for your countertops. The material offers numerous color options. However, quartz countertops are an excellent budget option. You can choose a finish that's just as glossy as granite. The slabs are manufactured from ground quartz and resin. Manufacturers mix in pigment and other additives to create bright, patterned surfaces for attractive countertops.

Go easy by painting your countertops, or get grand with a bay window bump out to brighten up your kitchen.

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