How To Maintain Your Home's Wood Siding

by Diane Barnes

Many homes have wood shingles or siding panels for its exterior décor, and they require maintenance in order to look as good as possible.  Follow these tips for how to maintain the aesthetically pleasing look of wood siding all year-round.

Paint The Siding

In order to make wood last a long time, it will need occasional painting or staining. This is because wood that is untreated can easily decay, form mildew, or have a pest infestation. A layer of stain not only gives wood siding a color refresh, but protects the material from becoming damaged.  While paint is a viable alternative, it is more susceptible to cracking and peeling over time.  You will find yourself needing to paint the wood again fairly soon once the paint becomes damaged.

Clean The Siding

Performing an annual deep cleaning of your wood siding is important, and the spring is one of the best times to do it, since winter precipitation can cause the siding to become dirty.  All you need to clean wood siding is some soapy water and a brush with soft bristles for scrubbing it down.

Always work in sections that are thin and vertical instead of wide and horizontal.  That will prevent dirty water from dripping down your wood siding and causing streak marks.  Begin by scrubbing the top part of a section, then work towards the bottom. You can rinse off soapy water with a power washer or your garden hose.

For stains that are hard to remove, make a stronger cleaning solution that is 1 part bleach and 4 parts water. Bleach will assist with killing mold spores that are on your siding.

Repair The Siding

It's possible for wood siding to deteriorate from wear and tear, and it will need to be repaired right away.  Get in touch with a siding contractor in your area that can perform the repair for you.  It will involve finding a new piece of siding that matches the existing siding on your home, which can be difficult to do on your own without the proper resources. 

When doing a repair on your own, be sure to take extra care to ensure that moisture cannot get behind the siding material by using caulk in places where siding meets windows and doors.  You can also cut back trees and shrubs around your home so they're not touching your siding, since they can help small insects get to your siding. 

If you have more questions about wood siding maintenance, speak to a siding contractor in your area, such as those at Side-Pro, Inc..