Five Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler Without Spending A Dime

by Diane Barnes

Are you tired of searching for ways to keep your home cooler and reduce your AC costs, only to find that implementing the cost-saving tips you find will likely cost you more than you save? There are ways to keep your home cooler without spending a bundle. Here are some tips to get you started:

Don't cook inside.

When the temperature climbs, turn to cold dishes like salad and sandwiches for your meals. This way, you won't be releasing heat into your home from the stove or oven. You could also grill outside if you have a grill. However, sticking to cold, non-cooked foods will serve double-duty by also helping you feel cooler so you can set your thermostat to the higher setting and not overheat.

Close your curtains.

That bright sunshine streaming into your home may look pretty, but it's also heating your home up. Close your curtains or blinds to block the warm sunlight, and your home will stay cooler without so much reliance on your AC system. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, go outside.

Turn your ceiling fan on.

While running the ceiling fan won't actually lower your home's temperature, it will make your home feel cooler at a higher temperature. The air flowing past your skin will make you more comfortable so you can resist the temptation to turn that thermostat down. Admittedly, running a ceiling fan is not entirely free, but at a cost of less than 2 cents per hour, it's pretty darn close. Make sure you only run the fan when you're in the room to minimize your costs.

Unblock your registers.

Make sure there isn't any furniture, clothing, or other items in front of your air vents. If you have items in front of the air vents, your AC won't be able to flow freely through the ducts. As a result, your ducts will get super-cool, but your home won't get as cool as it could. Make sure others in your home know not to block the registers with their things, too.

Don't go in and out so often.

Try to plan your day so that you're not going in and out of the house so much. Every time you open the door, you let in hot air. If you're going to work in the garden, for example, bring everything you need outside at once so you don't have to go in and out. Run all of your errands at once instead of stopping by home in between. Contact a business, such as Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for more information.