Do You Want An Open Or Closed Floor Plan?

by Diane Barnes

When you get a modular home, the house is prefabricated and then transported to your location, the parts are connected, and then it's fastened down to your foundation. When you start looking at which house you want to get, there are going to be different kinds of floor plans that you can choose from. 

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is one in which there are very few walls defining living spaces, except for places like bedrooms and bathrooms. However, there are some open plans, especially when it comes to places like lofts or small houses, where even bedrooms are integrated into the whole open floor space. In a modular home, however, that generally won't be relevant. The living spaces that are combined into one great room are the kitchen, living room, and dining room. The kitchen may have some islands which can help to delineate the kitchen area, but for the rest of it, it's up to you how you want to set your furniture to create the kind of space that you want. 

Many people like to go with an open floor plan because it lets them keep an eye on children as well as talk to guests when cooking. It lets people in the kitchen feel like they are a part of everything that is going on.

Closed Floor Plan

A closed floor plan is also called a traditional floor plan. Each room has its own space and its own purpose. Some people may choose to cut a pass-through in the kitchen wall so that there is space in between the kitchen and the dining room. This can make it easier to serve meals and can let the person in the kitchen feel more involved in what is going on in the dining room. 

One reason that people choose to go with a more traditional floor plan is because it lets them designate specific rooms for certain things. For example, they can set up an office that will let them shut the door when they don't want to be bothered. It is harder to do that when there aren't a lot of walls that separate out rooms. 

If you are going to get a modular home, part of the process is to find a floor plan that you want. You are going to need to decide whether you want to go with an open plan or a closed plan. Talk to a company like Family Built Homes for more information.