Thaw Outdoor Pipe Sections On Your Business Property And Add A Layer Of Insulation To Them

by Diane Barnes

If your business is located in a climate that remains cold throughout most of the year and you have encountered frozen plumbing outdoors on various occasions, learn how to thaw out the pipe sections by completing the steps below. Once water flows freely through the plumbing, you can ward off additional problems by adding a layer of thermal insulation to each of the pipe sections that are exposed.

Supplies Needed

  • work gloves
  • plastic ice scraper
  • space or electric heater
  • hair dryer
  • towel
  • ruler
  • thermal insulation
  • sharp scissors
  • thermal adhesive

Unfreeze The Pipe Sections

Turn faucets inside of your business and the main water valve off. Put on a pair of work gloves to keep your hands protected. Use a plastic scraper to chip away visible ice that is on each pipe section's exterior. Use a space or electric heater to melt ice inside of the pipes. Aim either type of heater directly at the areas being treated. Allow plenty of time for the ice to melt.

If only a small section of plumbing was exposed to icy conditions and has frozen as a result, move a hairdryer back and forth over its exterior for several minutes to thaw it out. Dry the pipe sections with a towel after ice has melted.

Apply A Layer Of Insulation Around Each Pipe Section

Measure the length and width of each pipe section that is exposed. Purchase enough thermal insulation to cover the plumbing completely. Many types of thermal insulation are pre-formed, making it simple to install them around plumbing. Other types of insulation can be purchased on a roll. Wrap either type of insulation around each pipe section that you would like to protect from freezing temperatures.

Use scissors to trim sections of insulation so that their edges are not jagged. Cut strips of thermal tape to seal the edges of each piece of insulation. Press the thermal tape firmly over the insulation so that adheres. 

Turn On The Water Supply And Test The Faucets

Turn on the main water supply. Go inside of the commercial building that you own and turn on each faucet. If water is emitted from them in a normal manner, the steps that you took to thaw out the outdoor pipe sections were successful. The insulation that you added to the outdoor plumbing will prevent water from freezing when it is cold outside in the future. Check out the site here for more information, or speak to a professional for more help.