Are You a Civil Engineer That Loves Riding Scary Rollercoasters? Consider Getting Paid to Build Theme-Park Rides

by Diane Barnes

If you love the adrenaline rush you get from riding a roller coaster, and you are a civil engineer ready to make a change in your career, you could combine those interests for a richly rewarding and adventurous career. When most people visit a theme park and get on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel, they never consider the design and planning that went into its creation. Many aspects of engineering come into play when a theme park and its rides are created. Learn more about the impact that you, a civil engineer, could have on the creation of theme parks and their rides.

CAD Plays a Huge Role in the Design of Theme Parks

CAD (computer-aided design) provides a perfect platform for the design of rollercoasters and other theme-park rides because it allows you to see your creation in 3D. Using CAD allows you to see potential safety issues, have a closer look at the space your ride will need for successful operation, and helps you make choices about elements like curves and downward plunging tracks. CAD can give your clients a 3D view of the rides you have designed for their theme park, and this provides an excellent opportunity for making any changes they want before actual construction takes place. If you are currently using Auto-CAD in your engineering designs of buildings and other structures, consider its potential benefits in the design of cool roller coasters and water rides.

Using Your Knowledge of Metals

Your civil-engineering experience includes knowledge about which kinds of metals are best for certain applications, especially when it comes to those that are outdoors all the time. Not only do you need to know which metals work best for the outdoors, you will need to consider that the metal will also need to be able to withstand the friction the rail cars will make on it. The metals you select for your rollercoaster ride will determine how long it will last and how safe it will be during operation. While theme-park engineering is a lot of fun, bear in mind your huge responsibility for safety when it comes to rides like rollercoasters.

When you can stand back and look at a theme park you designed in full operation, you may feel a great deal of pride in yourself. However, when you get on the ride you designed for the first time, you may experience the greatest rush of adrenaline ever because you know what comes after the first downward, spiraling plunge.

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