Transplant Potted Cactuses To An Outdoor Flowerbed

by Diane Barnes

Transplant your favorite potted cactuses to an outdoor flowerbed that contains lighting by completing the steps below. The finished display can be enjoyed day and night and will add beauty to the piece of residential property that you own.


  • measuring tape
  • ground spray paint
  • rake
  • tiller
  • large shovel
  • topsoil
  • cactuses
  • small shovel
  • padded work gloves
  • water hose
  • gravel 
  • paving blocks
  • battery-operated floodlights
  • hardware
  • power drill

Clear The Desired Section And Plant Cactuses

Choose a spot outdoors where you would like to plant the cactuses. Mark the chosen area with the help of a measuring tape and ground spray paint. Collect sticks and large pieces of debris with a rake. Remove sod from the ground by pushing a tiller over the marked portion of the property in even lines. Smooth out the cleared section of the ground and add topsoil to the ground's surface if it is uneven.

Use a large shovel to dig holes in the ground that are deep and wide enough to hold the roots of each cactus plant. Use a small shovel to loosen the soil surrounding each potted cactus. Put on a pair of padded work gloves before removing each cactus plant from its pot. Place the roots of each cactus in one of the holes in the flowerbed. Cover the roots with soil and use the back of a shovel to press the surface of the soil until it is firm. 

Water The Plants And Add Gravel And Paving Blocks

Use a water hose to add water to the base of each cactus. Add the same amount of water that you did when the cactuses were planted in pots. Place a thin, even layer of gravel around the base of each plant. The gravel pieces will assist with drainage when it rains and will help the soil retain moisture. Line the edges of the flowerbed with paving blocks. Select blocks that are a bold color or that have a unique texture in order to help the display of cactuses stand out. Press each block firmly into the ground until they are all stable. Talk to a company like Builder's Sand & Gravel Inc. to get the gravel you'll need.

Install Lighting

Install a couple battery-operated floodlights next to the flowerbed. If the lights need to be secured to a stable surface with hardware pieces, use a power drill to attach them. Turn the lights on at night so that the outdoor display can be enjoyed by you and anyone else who passes by your property. During the day, turn the lights off in order to preserve the life of each battery.