Selling Your Home? What You Need to Do Before You Put It up for Sale

by Diane Barnes

If you are planning to sell your home, you cannot simply call a real estate agent and stick a for sale sign in your front yard. There are things you should to do before you start the process. Doing the following will help you sell your home quicker.

Hire a Land Surveyor

If your home sits on land that is a few acres or more, you should hire a land surveyor to mark the property lines. In many cases, the boundaries set for land are marked by stakes or some other type of pin. These can easily be moved by anyone, and if you have a lot of land, you would never know if they were moved. The buyers need to know the exact amount of land they are purchasing.

A boundary surveyor will conduct research and give you the exact amount of land that you own. Once finished, they will give you a report of their findings. The surveyors use a high-grade GPS unit to help them determine the boundary lines for your property, as well as do extensive research. They also use special software to develop their reports.

Make Improvements

Your home is likely not in perfect shape, so make some home improvements. You should not spend a lot of money doing this, however. Small things, such as adding a new coat of paint and cleaning the carpeting, can make a big difference.

You also need to de-clutter your home as your buyers want to see your home and not your stuff. For example, they will want to see how much space are in your closets. If your closets are packed full of your stuff, this will be hard for them to do. Remove as much as you possibly can so the buyers can envision what the home will look like with their things in it.

Do not forget about your landscaping. Add some flowers to your front porch, change out light fixtures with new ones, and make sure shrubs are trimmed. Do not forget about your backyard because the buyers will want to see how large it is. If you have a patio, clean the furniture and the flooring.

Consider hiring a cleaning company to clean your home for you from top to bottom to get it ready.

Your real estate agent can give you more information about things you should do before you put your home up for sale.