How to Clean and Maintain Vinyl Siding

by Diane Barnes

Vinyl siding is a durable material chosen by homeowners for their home's siding because of its beauty and versatility. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of color and style options that can mimic wood and even cedar shake. Vinyl has some downsides too, such as it can fade with time and break easily. Vinyl needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to keep it looking like new. See below for instructions on how to clean up your siding and other maintenance tips.

Cleaning Instructions:

Here's What You Need:

  • Power washer
  • Siding cleaner
  • Rags
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Ladder


  1. Begin with the power washer, working from the bottom of the siding up to the top. Be sure to use the ladder to reach up to higher levels. When using a pressure washer on a ladder, be sure to have a helper hold the ladder for you, as the pressure washer can push you backward with the power of the machine. Work your way back and forth, getting each siding lap to remove mold, mildew, dirt, and dust as you go along.
  2. When finished, look over your house to see whether there are any stains on your siding. To remove these stains, use siding cleaner or a cleaner such as TSP and a soft-bristle brush to scrub the area clean. Use cleaner safe for vinyl siding and be sure to test it in an inconspicuous area to be sure it doesn't fade or damage your siding. Rinse the cleaner off of your siding when the spot is removed.

Maintenance and Repair Tips

  • Clean your siding each season to remove mold or mildew to prevent it from staining your siding.
  • Patch holes in your siding using extra pieces of vinyl siding and caulk. Cut a patch to cover the hole and then apply caulk around the hole. Place the patch over the caulk and hold it in place to allow time for the caulk to work as an adhesive for the patch. For smaller holes or tears, you can fill them with clear silicone, smoothing it out so it's even, and then paint over the area with exterior paint to match your vinyl siding color.

Vinyl siding is a versatile, durable siding material with a number of styles and colors to choose from. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain, and it is easy to repair small holes or tears. If your siding is ever damaged heavily by weather or is just in need of replacement, contact a professional siding contractor such as Patriot Construction to have new siding installed for you.