Got An Unused Basement And Family Growing? 2 Tips To Make A Basement Bedroom

by Diane Barnes

If your family has outgrown the number of bedrooms you have, it can be difficult for children to share a room, as they may often fight. If you have a teenager and have a basement, you could turn the basement into a bedroom for them. This would give them their own space when they want to be alone and make your other child happier too. If you plan to do this, below are two things you need to do first to help you get started with this project.

Waterproof the Basement

The first thing to do is to ensure the basement is completely waterproofed. The last thing you want to happen is for your child's things to get ruined by water. There are signs you can look for that the basement is not waterproofed. First, there may be a musty smell in the basement. You may notice paint flecks on the walls where the paint is coming off, water stains on the ceiling, and water stains on the floor.

If you find your basement is not waterproofed, there are different methods of waterproofing you can choose from. To completely protect the basement from water, you should start outside. If you choose this, a trench is dug deep until it reaches the foundation around the perimeter of your home. When finished, the entire foundation wall will be revealed.

The basement waterproofing contractor paints a type of waterproof coating over the foundation wall. They will then cover the wall with drainage panels. These drainage panels drain water away from the basement. Installing a French drain is another option you have to keep water out of your basement.

Keep it Warm

A basement may be colder than the rest of the home and for this reason you need to make sure there is adequate insulation installed in the room. Using closed cell spray foam insulation on the walls is your best choice. This is because this type of insulation is easy to install and it locks out water vapor, which prevents the basement from becoming damp.

To install spray foam insulation on basement walls, a type of adhesive is spread on the wall first, and then the contractor sprays the foam insulation over the adhesive. After a few minutes, the insulation starts to harden. Drywall is then placed over the foam insulation. You should consider hiring a contractor to do this for you as there are building codes you must go by. They will know these codes and ensure the insulation is installed properly. They can also go over with you in much more detail how it is installed.

Once you do these two things, you can then start on the fun stuff of designing the bedroom, such as painting the walls, choosing the furniture, etc.