Three Reasons To Maintain Your Gutters

by Diane Barnes

There are a few different things that can have a huge impact on your home, but that are very small aspects of a home. The gutters are one of the small things that can have a very big impact on the home. Gutters are such a small part of the home that many people forget that they are even there, but it is important that you keep your gutters cleaned and well maintained. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons that it is important to keep your gutters well maintained.

The Foundation

One of the biggest reasons that you need to keep your gutters cleaned out and working properly is the foundation. Gutters keep the water from draining directly next to the house. When the water drains next to the house it is much more likely to go down into the foundation and cause a lot of problems. The water in the foundation can cause foundation cracking, but it can also cause your basement or crawl space to actually flood. You will want to inspect your gutters once a month to ensure that they are not obstructed and that they can catch the water and carry it beyond the home to keep the foundation safe from water damage.


If you have a problem with the gutter, there is a very good chance that the water can get backed up and start to pool up on the roof. This is especially true if the pitch of your roof is slight or there are any low spots in your roof. The water can pool up and the stagnant water can start to seep through the shingles, and can do damage to your roof. A leaky roof is expensive to fix, an it should be easy to avoid. Fix those gutters and the water will drain without a problem.


If you have debris caught in your gutters it can make water flow very difficult, but the debris can also be home to a number of different pests. The water that pools can be home to mosquitoes, and the debris itself can be used to host a number of insects or even small rodents such as rats. You do not want the debris to be a next for pests. However, there is a very good possibility that the debris could be habitable. Simply clean your gutters and you will not have the problem.

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