There's Something Going On Under There: Signs Your Home Is Experiencing Foundation Damage

by Diane Barnes

If you're like most people, you don't give your foundation much thought — that is, unless you see visible problems, such as cracks in the garage floor that appear to continue through to the house. However, not all foundation damage is as visible as that. Unfortunately, when it comes to your foundation, some of the worst damage could be a little harder to notice. Take a look around your house. If you notice any of the issues described here, you need to contact a foundation contractor, such as RCW Construction, as soon as possible.

Your Fireplace Is Separating

When there are cracks in the foundation, the rest of your house can suffer, especially things that are attached to the walls like fireplaces and cabinets. Once the foundation is damaged, the structural integrity of your home is compromised, which means cabinets and fireplaces could begin to shift. When that happens, you may notice that they're separating from the walls. If you've noticed new spaces developing between your fireplace and the wall or your cabinets and the walls, there's a good chance that you've got some foundation damage in the area.

There are Ridges Under the Carpeting

Foundation cracks that occur under the flooring can be difficult to see, especially when it comes to the carpeting. The layers of carpeting and padding can hide small cracks in the foundation. However, once those cracks start to increase in size, they may be more apparent. In fact, they may create ridges under the carpeting that you'll be able to feel with your feet. Once they're big enough, you may even be able to see them protruding through the carpeting. If you've got ridges in your carpeting, you need to have your foundation inspected.

Your Doors Are Uneven

When doors are installed, contractors will make sure that they're even all the way around. That means there will be even spacing between the door and the frame. If your door is starting to stick or you're noticing uneven gaps between the door and the frame, this could be an indication that the foundation is shifting. Check the rest of your doors and windows. If you see uneven spacing in the rest of your doors and windows, it's time to call a contractor.

There's Movement Under Your Feet

When the foundation is cracked, the concrete is no longer stable, which means that added pressure to the area is going to cause further damage to the concrete. In fact, the damaged concrete may begin to crumble and shift under the pressure. When that happens, you may begin to feel movement under your feet when you walk over the affected area. If this is happening in your home, your foundation is in need of immediate attention.