Check The Bricks Around Your Yard

by Diane Barnes

You should take a walk around your yard regularly to look for problems within your landscaping and the other features throughout the property. One area of concern you want to pay attention to are any brick structures or walls in the yard. Once bricks start to become damaged, more damage can quickly follow. Those damaged bricks can lead to big problems in the future if you don't have them repaired. However, if you have damages to your brickwork repaired as soon as possible, then they can last you for many years to come. Here are some of the things you are going to want to look for while you are going through your yard:

Cracked bricks

Take an up close look at brick walls, brick exterior to any outbuildings, brick exterior of your home and any other brickwork. Make sure you don't see signs of any cracking. Not only are you going to want to look for cracked bricks, but you are also going to want to look for cracks within the mortar. It's going to be more common for you to actually see cracks in the mortar than to find cracks in the bricks themselves. One of the reasons that mortar tends to crack is due to natural settling that will take place over time. This cracking can also happen quite a bit in areas that have earthquakes.

Leaning brickwork

Stand back and take a look at your brickwork from a but away from it. When you stand further back, you will catch problems in which the brickwork is starting to lean to one side instead of being center how it once was. If you find that your brickwork is leaning, it is important for you to have the issue dealt with quickly. Otherwise, you are taking a risk of the structure falling apart or even tipping. This can be a disastrous situation.

Leaking areas

If you spot areas in brickwork where water comes through, then this is a problem that needs to be addressed. The more water allowed to continue coming through the brickwork, the more that damage will occur within the mortar. Also, if the leaking is allowing water to get to areas where you are trying to prevent water from coming through, then this will be another issue and reason for concern.

Freestanding brickwork

If you notice that any of the brickwork in your yard isn't properly secured, then you'll want to have it taken care of. Brickwork should not be installed by placing brick on top of brick with only mortar holding those bricks in place. Brick walls and other brick structures should be installed with rebar as a form of security.

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