Things To Consider When Planning A Metal RV Carport Project

by Diane Barnes

Are you tired of paying to store your RV in a covered storage facility? Maybe you haven't been storing your RV in a covered area at all. Well, if you have an RV and you have the space on your property to do so, it's time to start thinking about investing in a metal RV carport. Here, you'll find a few things to keep in mind as you plan the project.


You will have to choose between several different sizes of RV carports. If you don't know the measurements of your RV, measure it. Add a few extra feet on each side, front, and back so that the RV is truly protected from the elements and you have the room to maneuver it into place.


Will you be paving the floor or will you be using gravel to cover the ground. You will need to cover the soil with something or else the underside of the RV will rust and rot out.

Note: Check with your local tax officials to find out if adding a concrete floor will increase the amount of tax that you'd have to pay for the addition. In some localities, property taxes increase by adding concrete surfaces to the property, but if you cover the ground with gravel, there'd be no great increase.

Tire Care

To preserve the condition of the tire, the best practice for long-term parking is to get the tires up off of the ground. You can use a jack to raise the RV and then position jack stands underneath it to secure it. The reason for not wanting the tires on the ground is the fact that it will expedite dry rot and it could result in flat-spots forming on the bottom of the tire – both issues result in paying for new tires before you can safely drive the RV.

Rodent Control

Even though parking the RV in a carport helps a lot, you will still have to watch for those rodents trying to make your RV into their home. Set traps around the outside of the RV and poison inside. You don't want to leave poison laying around outside of the RV because you don't want to make your pets or neighbor's pets sick if they were to get into it.

Talk with the metal RV carport professionals to get further assistance planning for your project. Hopefully, your RV will soon have a safe place to be stored when it's not in use.