What To Expect When Having Your Septic Tank Cleaned And Pumped

by Diane Barnes

If your homes relies on a septic system, you will have to give special attention to how your household manages its waste. A septic system provides an effective form of waste management, but you will have to be sure to have your septic tank inspected and cleaned to ensure that you don't encounter any problems. When you have your septic tank inspected, the technician will let you know when the waste level has gotten high enough to require pumping and septic tank cleaning services. Continue reading for more tips about what to expect when having your septic system cleaned and pumped.

Always Hire a Certified Pumper

Pumping and cleaning a septic system involves handling hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly. Thus, it is absolutely essential to hire a certified pumper who understands the rules and regulations associated with properly cleaning and pumping out a septic tank. Before you hire a septic pumping and cleaning service, always take the time to check to make sure that the company holds a current certification that verifies that they are legally able to pump an clean septic tanks in your municipality.

Know Where Your Septic Tank is Located

Before you have your septic tank inspected, cleaned, or pumped, you need to know where your tank is located. Most septic tank services will charge you extra if you need them to locate your septic tank for you in order to clean it and pump it, so it is in your best interest to make sure that you know where the access point to the septic tank is so you don't have to pay an extra fee. You should have paperwork or a plot map that shows exactly where your septic tank is located on your property.

Understand the Cost

Before you hire a septic pumping and cleaning service, it is important to know how much the service will cost and what is included in the service. When you're quoted a price for septic tank pumping and cleaning, always ask the total cost first. Then, ask if the price includes the dumping fees and having the baffles of your septic tank checked and cleaned. You should also find out if there is an extra fee if your septic tank requires extra time or water to clean due to excessive waste or lack of maintenance. Knowing exactly what everything costs will help ensure that there are no surprises when you have to pay the bill.