Gutters Extruded On Location: The Newest Approach To Gutter Repair And How It Works

by Diane Barnes

When you need your gutters fixed, you often have to call a contractor, wait for the gutters to be purchased and/or shipped to your home or to the contractor's office, and then wait for the gutters to be installed. Sometimes, depending on how busy the contractor's schedule is, that could be up to a month before the gutters are fixed or replaced. There is a newer approach that is gaining steam in this industry. Contractors who have purchased the right equipment are able to manufacture gutters of the perfect length and color right on your front lawn. Here is how that works. 

The Extrusion Machine

A special gutter manufacturing machine is able to take aluminum sheet metal and mold it into a gutter. The flat sheet is fed into one end of the machine, while the interior workings of the machine lift, bend, and shape the metal into a gutter. If you want vinyl gutters, liquid resin is poured into one end, and extruded in gutter form out the other. The contractor you hire may or may not own the resin gutter extruder, since it is more common to purchase the sheet metal extruder instead. 

Picking A Gutter Color

Before your contractor begins, you have to pick a gutter color. Most people opt for white, as it is the standard gutter color on most homes and you probably want the new sections of gutter to match the old sections. If you would prefer a different color than what is presently on your roof, the contractor could make all new gutters as well. If you have lost more than fifty percent of the gutters you had to storm damage, then maybe all new gutters in a different color would be better suited to your situation. 

Setting Up The Machine

On the day that you have selected for the contractor and his/her crew to arrive, he/she will set up the gutter extrusion machine on your lawn. It will take a few minutes to get everything connected and plugged into a power source (although some contractors will bring their own generator to power the machine so that they do not drain your electricity). The first measured section of sheet metal is cut and then sent through the machine. When it reaches the end of the sheet and has been fully molded into a gutter, the crew takes it and affixes it to your roof. This process is repeated until everything is fixed or replaced. 

For more information about this and other repair techniques, reach out to a company such as Mr.Gutter, LLC.