3 Useful Tips When Purchasing An Outdoor Fireplace

by Diane Barnes

If you're an outdoor person and love spending time with family, buying an outdoor fireplace may be a great idea. This will give you the perfect place to relax during the colder months of the year. To ensure you're happy with this backyard amenity, remember these tips. 

Decide on a Heating Method

Outdoor fireplaces can be designed to run in quite a few different ways. One of the most common is electric. This option costs more to run, but using an electric fireplace is extremely easy. You can turn it on and off with the press of a button. Electric fireplaces are pretty safe to use as well.

If you're looking for an alternative to electricity, you might get a gas-powered fireplace. For this, you'll need to keep propane tanks stocked. Propane gas isn't that expensive and is readily available today. Then, there's all-natural wood fireplaces. You simply light wood on fire and that's your source of heat. Try choosing a heating method that you're most comfortable with.

Prioritize Safety

These outdoor fireplaces are designed for fun experiences, whether you're alone or with a group of friends. To keep your fireplace fun to use, take some time to think about its safety. For example, it's a good idea to get an outdoor fireplace with some sort of cover. It helps keep the fire contained and creates a visible perimeter that you'll know to stay clear of.

Getting a fireplace with a sturdy base is also important from a safety standpoint. The sturdy base will prevent the fireplace from toppling over, even if you accidentally push against it. Or, you might look for something with an auto-safety shutoff feature. In the event the fireplace does topple over, this feature instantly turns it off. 

Look for Weatherproof Materials

No matter what type of outdoor fireplace you get for the backyard, it's essential that it is made of weatherproof materials. Otherwise, this fireplace will take a lot of damage when exposed to various elements. Then, you would have to spend more money on a replacement.

To protect your investment, get an outdoor fireplace with weatherproof materials. Steel fireplaces with powdercoats—for example—are perfect for holding up in any weather element. It won't rust when it gets wet or take damage when left outside over the months.

Outdoor fireplaces are amazing structures to have in backyards, as they provide the perfect warm area to hang around during the winter. As long as you look over the different options and understand what would work best for your property, this backyard investment will work perfectly.