Understanding The Role Of A Construction Management Consultant In Your Project's Planning Phase

by Diane Barnes

For many large commercial projects, stakeholders can range from business owners to local city officials to land developers. While some of these individuals may be familiar with the intricacies of commercial development, many will not be. Even for experienced developers, large-scale construction projects can be complex and overwhelming. Properly seeing a project through from its early planning phases to completion requires large teams with highly specialized skill sets.

While some developers choose to keep full-time management teams on staff at all times, construction consultants can take up the slack for many projects. If you are considering bringing a consulting agency into your project, it's important to first understand the many important roles they can fill in your project.

Staff Evaluation and Support

Even if your company maintains a staff dedicated to development work, you may not have the expertise needed to take on projects of all scopes and types. Consulting agencies are experienced in evaluating development teams in order to zero in on potential deficiencies and identify skill gaps.

It's impossible for one team to be able to cover all potential project types, so these evaluations are never made with the intent of judging your existing team or questioning their value. Instead, the purpose of this type of evaluation is to determine where skill or knowledge holes exist so that they can be filled. In many cases, consulting agencies can even provide temporary staff to buoy your existing team.

Risk Assessment and Management

Risk is inherent in any large project. By bringing a construction management consulting team on board early in your project's planning phase, you can assess major risks to the project and to stakeholders. Proper risk management begins with fully understanding the risks that you are exposed to so that a proper plan can be developed to avoid delays and to minimize damage in the event that an identified risk comes to pass. For many projects, these risks often take the form of unexpected legal hurdles or liability, but an experienced consultant can help you to identify these potential pitfalls before they affect your project's budget.

Cost Estimations

One of the largest and most important parts of any major commercial project is initial cost estimates. These estimates will determine which aspects of the project fall within the budget and how the budget or the project must be adjusted going forward. Mistakes in early estimates can lead to chaos later in the project, as either additional funding must be secured or costly changes must be made to existing plans. Experienced consultants can not only help you to make these early estimates, but they can also evaluate estimates that have already been made. Better estimates give you greater flexibility when dealing with contractor bids and allow you to move forward on your project with confidence.

An experienced construction consultant is useful in all phases of a project, but they are especially vital during early planning. Meeting with a consultant to determine what they can do to help your project succeed is one of the best ways to guarantee that your construction project moves forward on-time and on-budget.

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