Are You A Big Family With One Shower In The House That Doesn't Drain Well? Call A Plumber Right Away

by Diane Barnes

Having only one bathroom in the house can be a problem, and if water is starting to come back up the drain by the time the second or third person gets in the shower, you need to call professional plumbers. Not only is this unsanitary and can be irritating and make you uncomfortable during the shower, but it also can be a serious problem.

With hair, caps, and other items get that washed down the drain, clogs can easily happen. Here are some of the things you want to talk about with the plumber when they come to look at the clog.

Have the Drains Scoped and Snaked

You want to have the drains snaked so that the debris can be cleaned out and removed. Once the waterway is open or if there are clogs that can't be snaked, they may put a camera down it. This way they can see if the drain clog can be treated easily or if there are other complications that you have to deal with because of the pipes.

Replace the Plumbing

Unfortunately, the plumbing may be the problem. If the plumbing is too small or if it isn't directed properly through the house, this could be one of the main reasons why the water isn't flowing. If the plumber can see that the pipes are eroding and are galvanized, they need to be replaced. If the house is old or if grime has been eating away at the pipes, this may need to be done quickly.

Replace the Drain and Cover

Replace the metal drain. Get a drain cover that has smaller drain slots so that it's more difficult for hair and other debris to get down into the plumbing system and to cause clogs. Make it a point to check the drain regularly so there aren't any more problems in the future.

There are a lot of different things that could be causing the water to come back up the plumbing, and the clogging could be from a clog that is far down into the pipes. Call a plumbing professional and get the assistance that you need to snake the drains and break up the clog. Also ask them if it's time to replace the plumbing throughout your house and when you should make the upgrade. If the water is overflowing or it won't drain at all, you should call a 24/7 plumbing service.