What To Do When Your Sewer Is Backing Up

by Diane Barnes

Anytime that you notice a problem with water backing up in your home or forming a puddle in the yard, you need to check the sewer line and the septic tank for problems. In some cases, it is an easy fix, but if there is a significant issue, the earlier you catch it, the better the chances are that the repair will be easier and less expensive. 

Sewer Line Back Ups

The sewer line in your home runs from the drains to the septic system or the mainline for the city. In both cases, the main sewer line handles all the waste, and if there is an obstruction in the line, the system can back up. If the septic tank is full, the waste in the line has no place to go so it can back up into the drains as well. 

If you start to notice a backup, you need to have a septic service or a sewer and septic contractor come and check your system. Wastewater can carry bacteria and other germs that you do not want in your home, so it is critical to get them working as soon as possible. 

Pumping the Septic Tank

If you notice water or smell an odor near the septic tank, you should have a septic service come to your home and check the tank for you. If the tank is full, the septic service can pump out the tank for you, but it is crucial to find out why the tank was full. If the system is working correctly, the septic tank should be draining into the leach field, and you should not have a lot of water in the tank. 

Over time sludge will settle in the bottom of the tank, and the only way to clean it out is to pump out the tank, but even when the tank is holding a lot of material, the water should leach off. Have a septic service check the tank and the leach field once the tank is empty. A full inspection of the system can reveal any problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Emergency Calls and Pumping

If you have an emergency and need the sewer or septic system pumped out right away, some companies can come out even in the middle of the night. If you have to have an emergency call, the cost of the service is going to be higher, but if you have sewage backing up in the house, getting the problem rectified is critical, and letting it go could result in a larger mess to deal with, even if you only wait a few hours. 

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