Ready To Turn Your Bare Garage To A Hangout Space? Get Insulation, An Overhang, And More

by Diane Barnes

A garage can be a great space, and you can turn this into usable space around your home. If you are looking to improve the garage so it can be more of a workspace and a hangout area, a few changes can make big improvements. If the garage has exposed studs and isn't drywalled in, you will want to start there.  Here are some of the options to look into adding to the space so that it's more enjoyable to use and to also help turn it into the area you imagine.

Use Spray Insulation

Use spray insulation around the walls of the garage to help insulate the space. This makes it much warmer throughout the cold winter and also helps prevent air loss if you want to use a space heater to make the garage comfortable in the winter. This also helps to reduce noise leaving the garage or coming in, prevents moisture problems between the walls, and adds to the support of the structure. Contact a local insulation contractor to learn more.

Add Sound Pads

If one of the reasons you don't enjoy hanging in the garage is because you think it echoes and is loud, you can improve the acoustics by getting sound absorption pads. You can put these in areas on the walls or ceiling to help absorb some of that noise.

Overhang and Patio

Construct an overhang off the back or side, or wherever you have a main door to go in and out. With a slab of concrete or a decorative concrete seating and entertaining area covered with an overhang, you have a new outdoor entertainment space to enjoy.

Sound System

Installing a sound system for the space so that what's playing on television or the radio or streaming through a phone can be heard is ideal. A high-quality sound system makes it so you can listen outside and inside and can be great for entertaining in the space.

If you worry about the garage getting too cold or hot, be sure to add a small infrared heater or propane heating option or to invest in a high-powered fan to cool the space off. Making changes to your garage and creating a space where you can hang out is like adding a living space to your home where everyone can spread out and where you can easy entertain guests and family members. These changes will improve the home resale value as well.