Are You Designing Your Colonial-Style Dream House?

by Diane Barnes

Have you always loved the simplicity of homes that were built during America's Colonial Era? Maybe you have even seen places like the Josiah Dwight House in Deerfield, Massachusetts and the William Brown House in Edgewater, Maryland in real life. Those homes and other Colonial-style homes might have inspired you to model your new home's custom exterior after that early American look.

If you want more ideas that might help you to design the home of your dreams, keep reading. 

Respect the Design of the Colonial Style - This is obviously going to be easy for you to do since you are drawn to the simplicity of Colonial homes in the first place. Here are a few ways you can respect the design:

  • Remember to focus on a simple horizontal facade.
  • White or off-white brick would be perfect for the material of the exterior of the house.
  • Black wooden shutters will complement the light-colored brick.
  • Add interest to the custom exterior design by choosing a red or blue wooden front door.
  • If your Colonial house is extra-large, consider having more than one chimney.
  • Another addition you can select is a heavy white wooden frame around the front door.
  • Including a simple front porch around the entry door will preserve the traditional look.

Add Details to Make the Exterior Even More Beautiful - Sometimes it's attention to detail that will give a home its personality.

  • A black wrought iron hanging lantern in the front of the house will complement the black shutters.
  • Matching Manor House lanterns will also add interest to the custom exterior design.
  • Choose solid brass hardware for the front door. An eagle design would be appropriate.
  • Black metal address numerals against the light-colored brick will be a good selection.
  • Large urn planters with seasonal plants in them will add color to the design. 
  • A lab or hunting dog statue will add charm to the front of the house, too.
  • Even though you keep the design of your house simple, consider establishing a beautifully landscaped front and back yard.

When you and your home builder meet to discuss the custom exterior of your home, he or she will more than likely have ideas that will bring your Colonial-style house into the 21st Century. For instance, even though your house looks like original Colonial homes, that doesn't mean that you can't have state-of-the-art lighting that showcases your home after dark. To learn more, reach out to a builder that offers custom home exteriors