Building A Custom House: Four Hidden Rooms To Include In Your Floor Plan

by Diane Barnes

One advantage of building a custom home is the ability to customize the space to your liking. Pre-built or cookie-cutter homes rarely suit all the needs of the buyer. However, with custom homes, you can choose unique finishes, building materials, and even a custom floor plan. Customization also allows you to incorporate hidden or secret rooms into your design. As you plan, consider these practical hidden rooms that would be a great addition to your new home.

Hidden Home Office

A home office is an excellent addition to every home. You can work from home, hold important meetings, or spend time there when you need to be alone. But instead of designing an easily accessible room, why not tuck it away in a hidden space? If you have kids or often have friends or relatives over, a secret home office would be a perfect idea. You can work or retreat into the office for uninterrupted time. 

Hidden Laundry Room

Most pre-built houses have the laundry room located on the main floor near the kitchen. Choosing a custom design allows you to place the laundry room in the most convenient area. Unfortunately, if you want convenience, you may have to compromise on aesthetics. 

So how do you achieve both? The answer is by designing a hidden laundry room. With no visible doors and hardware to disrupt design flow, you can have the room in the most convenient location in your home. This could even be upstairs, where you don't have to worry about carrying laundry down and up the stairs.

Hidden Wine Cellar

If you are a wine enthusiast, you are probably thinking of including a wine cellar in your floor plans. A dedicated room allows you to store your collections and tuck them away from kids and prying eyes. You can take the secrecy a notch higher by designing a secret cellar. You can hide the room behind a bookshelf, build a trap door leading to a basement cellar, or place it behind the bar area. Whichever option you choose, a hidden wine cellar will undoubtedly impress your guests!

Hidden Safe Room

Buying a safe is one of the best ways to protect your valuables. However, safes aren't foolproof. If an intruder gets their hands on it, they can force you to provide the access code. The best way to protect your valuables is to keep them in a secret safe room. As long as the intruder doesn't know the room exists, they won't have access to your items. Additionally, you can use it to store confidential documents such as title documents and wills.  

Hidden rooms are not just about privacy. They can help enhance the visual appeal of your home, improve the security of your valuables, and also create hideouts when you need them. Talk to your builder at the design stage so you can incorporate these rooms into your custom floor plans!