Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Parking Lot Professionally Maintained

by Diane Barnes

When you first build, buy, or start renting out a commercial parking space for your company, you probably thought it would be relatively simple to keep clean and tidy. The trouble is that because it is so large and often open to the elements, it will decay a lot quicker than most other buildings and human-made constructions. That is why you should seriously consider commercial parking maintenance. Not only is this a valuable resource to keep your property clean and tidy, but it is not nearly as cost-prohibitive as you might think. Here is a quick look at what makes this service so useful.

Removing Corrosive Elements

While asphalt and concrete are certainly strong, they can still be scratched and gouged out by rocks, branches, broken glass, and all the other types of organic waste that you can find around most parking lots. Once you have established a schedule, your commercial parking maintenance crew will regularly clean out all of these corrosive elements, as well as wash and ensure that the lot is clean. This also serves the dual purpose of uncovering if there is any serious damage that was hidden under all of the dirt and dust. 


Even the toughest and most durable paints cannot last forever in the hot sun, on a sticky asphalt surface, and with heavy vehicles constantly driving over them. Trying to repaint lines yourself can be a very mixed bag, and it is generally wise to leave this to the experts. Not only do they do a better, more professional job, but they can do it quicker and often cheaper than you can. The best part is that you don't even have to worry about this problem at all, as they will take care of it from start to finish when they notice it developing.

Sealing And Refilling

If a pothole does start to develop, then commercial parking maintenance teams will identify it and stop it before it can grow too big. They also help stop erosion all around the parking lot by sealing the asphalt surface with special chemicals that keep out rain, frost, and dust from the porous exterior. Without this servicing, your parking lot will not last more than a few years before serious damage begins to occur. The last thing you want is to have to pay tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix up a simple parking lot when a fraction of that cost could be used to keep it regularly maintained. 

Reach out to a professional who provides commercial parking maintenance to get started.